Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brushing Out the Cobwebs

If you have checked the blog recently, you may have noticed a few new things. I felt is was time to mix it up a little and change some things around. First of all, I updated the blog's format to a layout called "Script." The dark theme was nice, but in the spirit of the New Year, I decided it was time to mix things up. I also have updated my RDQ (for Random Disney Quote), as well as added two new polls to the sidebar, now conveniently located on the other side of the page. I have set an email address, to be used exclusively for this blog. I can now be reached by leaving a comment or, for something more private, email me at disneyrikua@gmail.com. In addition, I have set up a Picasa Web albums account for the blog which can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/DisneyRikua. I will be updating this regularly, so check back often, or even subscribe to the RSS feed in a feed program or online service. I use Bloglines personally, but there are many to choose from. That is about it for what I have accomplished at the moment. I will be trying to add more items over the next month or so. My next post will after I return from Disneyland, but feel free to leave a comment telling what you like, don't like, etc. and I'll try to use all the feedback I get. So long, folks!

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