Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss You, Sis!

So the reason I haven't posted since Spring Break is because of my busy AP schedule. However, since my sister over at The Shady Glade and Disney World Girl is leaving for another summer working at Walt Disney World, I wanted to post something special for her. Thus, I present this:

This is a video I edited together using clips of movies my sister took for me during her last trip to Walt Disney World in summer of 2008. The original idea came from the music I used, "Requiem for a Dream". I first heard the song watching the Figure Skating portion of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. After that, my sister found it and shared it with me. When I listened to it (coincidentally on the way from Japantown in San Francisco), I realized that it would be really good paired with a trailer for an action-fantasy film like Lord of the Rings. Since I was unable to do that, I finally got the idea to edit these clips together for the final product you see above. My sister can attest to the secrecy I pursued in the interest of making this, and I am proud to present my creation to the world. The video is copyright 2010 by my production company, B² Productions.

I will miss you, Alyssa, and I hope you have a wonderful time (without me), in Florida. Thanks for watching, everybody!

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