Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Future of the PeopleMover...?

I recently came across this great idea for a replacement for the PeopleMover track at Disneyland. Techskip on Micechat came up with a time travel story for the attraction. I will let him tell you more about it in his own words.

"I had posted a similar thread some time ago which is now locked, happens. But between then and now I have developed a rather unique concept to base this attraction around. In the past couple days I have read a proposal to put the RR cars on the track, as well as a time machine concept. In a way this would achieve the time machine, while placing something on the track.

Attraction Name: "The Clock Works"

Location: old People Mover/ Rocket Rods station.

Background: While attempting to restore an old clock tower, and power it with new technology, researchers accidentally developed a method of time travel. Instead of allowing long leisurely visits the current method only allows brief "leaps" from one time period to the next. Currently only in a developmental state, it has been deemed safe. At the unveiling of the new Tomorrowland World Clock this new technology is unveiled and the public for the first time is allowed to witness what was previously only science fiction.

Station Design: I am not sure how many individuals have ever actually been in a clock tower. I have, and I consider myself lucky to have experienced it. Clock towers are very dynamic, with gears of every shape and size spinning in a variety of directions. I imagine the station queue to be designed in a similar manner with a variety of gears spinning, tools strewn about as workers finished the final touches on the old clock. This theme could be applied to the ADA elevator as well, which would be a clear elevator, allowing individuals to see the mechanisms around them. In all cases safety would be the priority and gears would be behind glass "windows" allowing the observer to safely watch the ongoing displays. This station would also include an actual working clock, or should I say clocks. I would expect that this new "clock" would have many faces boasting time in a variety of international countries, while allowing the queue to see some of how it works. The actual clock placement would be where the current Observatron resides.

Vehicle Design: omni-mover style single show wheel vehicles. with 4 person capacity. I am horrible at drawing, so my concept will be in words. I envision a single bubble style vehicle similar to teacups, that include a center wheel allowing individuals to turn it and spin. Outside of this "bubble" would be a much larger show wheel in the shape of a giant gear. Gears would also be visible throughout the queue, completing the theme of a giant clock about to be completed. Within the show wheel would be LED's, also LED's would be on the bottom of the bubble. These LED's would be partially tied to the control wheel. The faster you spin the faster the LED "motion" allowing those below to watch as some vehicles appear to move faster then others. A safety button on each vehicle could be pressed by a CM to turn off the LED's should this be necessary due to medical conditions.

Track Design: This section is basically an open book. Time Travel allows one to travel into the past, but not the future. It would be up to WDI to present various immersive environments throughout the track. The important part is that in every building the track appearance would change to reflect the different period. The outside sections of the track would be explained as the "periods between jumps"."

I think this ride sounds wonderful, except I would bank parts of the track and put new versions of the Rocket Rods cars on the track, instead of the omnimover system. When I imagine time travel, especially unstable time travel, I think of going fast. Anyone else have anything to say about his attraction design?

While this may not be an actual plan for Tomorrowland, there is a replacement planned for the track in Tony Baxter's new Tomorrowland Design. according to Blue Sky Disney, we can expect a variation of the PeopleMover to come back, but the Incredibles Pod-Mover has fallen out of favor for something that matches the new design. Don't really know what that means, but we will hopefully find out soon!

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