Sunday, June 8, 2008

To All Who Come To This Happy Place...

What a cliché way to start off a Disney blog... oh well.

I'd like to welcome all of you to this, my blog! As I'm sure you can tell, its a Disney blog, created mainly to chronicle the small and major symptoms of Disney Withdrawal (as like to call it). I hope to update 2-4 times a week, keeping my schedule in mind, with any little Disney tidbit. I follow many different Disney and non-Disney sources so I might blog about news, or update with pictures, personal experiences, it really could be just about anything! And, as with most blogs, you will probably find your occasional off-topic post, maybe a little bit about an interesting subject, or a thought for the day, I really don't know which direction this will flow, but its sure to be an interesting experiment for us all! And as always, you are welcome to leave any and all comments to let me know your thoughts on something or just a heads-up that I'm not just talking to myself in the dark here, anything is welcome! And with that, lets start our first post!

I've just been thinking a lot about Toy Story Mania a lot lately (is there any Disney fan out there who hasn't?), and I've found it very interesting that while the rides were supposed to be built in both parks simultaneously, the Hollywood Studios version has opened up weeks before us out here in good, ol' California get a chance to ride it! As I understand it, the walls around the attraction here were only brought down Wednesday night (June 4th), and the ride is only in Cast Member previews, while the east coast version has been testing since the beginning of May! I understand the difference in the ability to shut down the area of the park for construction (since you obviously can't shut down Paradise Pier for one attraction, which is what they did at Hollywood Studios), but I still feel that more of an effort could have been made to possibly celebrate a Grand Opening together on both coasts.

But then again, it could just be me.

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Alyssa said...

Ha! We get TSM before you do.
:-P In all seriousness though, the attractions were never meant to open on the same day. It's just a landmark that they're opening on both coasts in the same year!