Monday, August 31, 2009


I have recently uncovered these pictures and video of the new Fantasmic! dragon (known as Murphy or Bucky among staff). Scroll down for my comments.

I couldn’t wait to see anything of this new dragon, and it looks amazing. I’m sure it looks much better in person, so I can’t wait for the public debut of this amazing new animatronic. There was a preview of the dragon scheduled for this morning that would show off the new dragon for the press in preparation for its debut hopefully that night. However, the preview was cancelled at the last minute, and there is no word as to when the dragon will debut. By the looks of this, it will almost definitely be in the next two weeks. My only wish is that it moved a little bit more, and that the sword effect was a little more impressive. I have heard word that the effect will be more elaborate, but it doesn’t seem much better in the video. Thanks to Disneyland News Today and MiceAge/MiceChat for the info and MousePlanet for the Video and Pictures. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a trip to plan for October...

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Alyssa F said...

One more reason Disneyland's Fantasmic once again trumps WDW. But our villian section is better. So :-P